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  CAT stands for ​Citizens Against Thieves.  

Our goal is to form an alliance with local officials, the police and the Criminal Justice system.  Our mission is to work in unison to insure a safer environment on Kauai.  Use the email link to join our mailing list, receive our newsletters and add your support to our efforts. 

On October 19, 2012, CAT's first meeting took place on the  north shore.  Today we have over 600 members island-wide.

Break-ins and robberies damage the Aloha lifestyle on Kauai. A constant threat of thievery will make residents and visitors fearful for homes, valuables and personal safety.  The negative effect on tourism, which comprises over 70% of our economy, could have a ruinous affect on our island.  

According to the Kauai Police Department, increased drug use has contributed to the rise in crime.  Drug users rob in order to support their habit.  A large portion of the robberies are perpetuated by repeat offenders.  Our Criminal Justice System needs to function better to curb this increased crime rate.  A priority in law enforcement should be to remove the professional criminals from our community.  The KPD must be given the ability to apprehend these repeat offenders.  To accomplish this goal, the police require more public support. The department requires the equipment and the manpower necessary to get the job done.

The Prosecuting Attorney should be enabled to procure convictions for criminals.  The State Legislature must pass new laws to aid these convictions.  The proposal to allow video testimony in trial is a good beginning.  The Prosecuting Attorneys must ask for longer terms and more strict sentencing for repeat offenders.  Law makers should pass legislation to help the Criminal Justice System function.  Sufficient funding must be appropriated to cover expenses for adequate prisons and law enforcement needs.  Our judges must impose stiff sentences in order to remove the professional criminals from our community. 


Break-ins and robberies can damage the Aloha lifestyle on  our island .

CAT is involved in the community


Working together, we can decrease theft on Kauai.

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