After a meeting on JULY 17, 2016, CAT has the support of Kapaa Business Association Board.  They chose to join the CAT membership and to support our goals.  CAT encourages other organizations to meet with us, join our membership and aid our efforts to keep crime out of our community.

AUGUST 11, 2016 

CAT met with Carrice Gardner, the Governor’s Rep on Kauai.  CAT is asking for the Governor to get “tough on crime” in order to keep the professional criminals off our streets and in jail.  CAT has contacted the Governor asking for him to appoint members of the Hawaii Paroling Authority who are “tough on crime”.  Currently, the board is paroling professional criminals after they have done their minimum sentence (which the board set).  Regarding information considered in parole consideration, the board’s Administrative Rules state:  “reasonable probability that the inmate will live and remain at liberty without violating the law and release is not incompatible with the welfare and safety of society”.  Some inmates are being paroled after a criminal career of more than 30 years with over 100 arrests and 12 felonies.  If a professional criminal has been arrested 100 times, he has usually only been arrested for 10% of his crimes while he has broken the law and avoided prosecution on another 900.  

Ms. Gardner said that the board members were following the rules because they only consider the inmate’s record while jailed for his current crime.  When questioned, Ms. Gardner said ”she understood  but did not agree with the rules”.  This is why the board believes they are following the administrative rules.  CAT has asked the Governor to correct these current policies and keep the professional criminals off our streets.    Joining CAT at the meeting were Justin Kollar (Prosecuting Attorney) and Roy Asher (Assistant Chief KPD), who added support to what we are asking of the Governor.  They are weary of arresting and prosecuting the same professional criminals given light sentences by the judges and released by the Parole board.

Also, we are asking the Governor to only appoint judges who are also “tough on crime”.  We need to know that the Governor is a “tough on crime Governor” who will protect our quality of life here on Kauai. Please write or go on the web site for the Governor and get him to get “tough on crime”, correct the Hawaii Paroling Authority, appoint only “get tough on crime” judges. All CAT members need to take this action.  If the Governor does not adopt this attitude, consider this when you vote.



NOVEMBER 1, 2016 

We are lucky to have men and women who will serve and protect us.  They have a hard and dangerous job and do it well.  Thank you KPD...


NOVEMBER 22, 2016

​Our police department is doing a great job.  We all need to help them protect us.  Get involved.  We can make a difference.

 "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."              

                                                                                                       Edmund Burke